Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keith Miller sings the role of Riolobo

Did you hear Keith Miller on KEZW this morning? Here's the chance to hear a little more from him as he discusses the opera.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Answers

Thanks to all the businesses who participated in the Amazon Festival Scavenger Hunt on Friday evening! We had a great time. Some people were asking for answers to the clues. (If you were not able to participate in the Scavenger Hunt, make your way to the Santa Fe Arts District and see how well you can do finding these locations.)

Clue: Denver's oldest art cooperative gallery is located in the former 7-Up bottling building. Another clue: the last 2 numbers when you're counting your toes.
Answer: 910 Arts

Clue: Go to the gallery next door (by a different name) and find this object: Smaller than normal. It watches. It's grey. What is it?
Answer: Niza Knoll Gallery. An Elephant

Clue: The name of the business sounds the same as an object children use for drawing on the sidewalk. What is it?
Answer: CHAC

Clue: Follow the sun over the sky blue colored portal. What are the 3 middle letters of the blue hand-painted acronym below?
Answer: ELO

Clue: Face this building and go around the corner by following the arrow on the sidewalk. You can see her smile without having to have a passport nor waiting in a long line at the Louvre. What is her name?
Answer: Mona Lisa

Clue: Confidentially speaking, it's a chamber. What is it?
Answer: The Secret Room

Clue: Put your back to the wall of the building and face north. There is somewhere over the rainbow. Go there and write down what time it is.
Answer: 3:58 PM

Clue: Located at a Studio that equals a dozen.
Clue # 2: Where Richard III's children were sent before their deaths. Come up and what do you see?
Answers: Studio 12 / all of Denver

Clue: Go to another studio that is part of this "row of studios" which is featuring beautiful wintry landscapes. What is the art medium?
Answer: Photography

Clue: In a parking lot these reptiles are crawling all over. What are they?
Answer: Geckos, lizards
Clue # 2: Tell me one of the colors
Answer: red, yellow or blue

Clue: Find a place that is under construction: In the mood for some Japanese food? Too bad, not open yet, but go next door and answer this question.
What number is lazy on the address?
Answer: The number Zero

Clue: Next to this shop is the sign for the business next door. Name the bird that is part of the sign.
Answer: Phoenix

Clue: French-sounding Gallery name is the combination of the owners' middle names?
Answer: Buxiejo Gallery

Clue: There's an adoption agency for Garfield and his relatives. Find it. Where are you?
MaxFund Cat Adoption Center
Clue # 2: Who is not allowed?
Answer: Dogs

Clue: It's a gallery that hosts the name of what you are left with when you have finished eating an apple. What is it?
Answer: CORE New Art Studio
Clue#2 : Go inside that gallery. What is Green Roses?
Answer: Painting by Alix Evendorff

FUN FACT: This next clue involves a business that was a sausage factory early in the 20th century!
Clue: Next door (go West young Man!) is a place built in 1891 with original elements in the interior. Your eyes gaze above as you trod on what's below. Name those original elements.
Answer: C.C. Opiela Gallery
Answer #2: Original tile floor and tin ceiling

Clue: Gallery not on the main thoroughfare. Name ends with a word that has made winter touring in Colorado very popular. What is it?
Answer: Glovinski Gallery
Clue #2: Go there. What is the symbol in the middle of the painting "The Human Race?"
Answer: immigration caution sign figures - on border crossing signs

Clue: There is a fiddle, a microphone and saxophone on the door and windows. What is the name of the business?
Answer: Colorado Voice Clinic & Gallery
Clue #2: Go there. How many photographs by Cheryl Operman were taken in the Amazon?
Answer: None

Clue: It blooms in the 800 block. What is the color of its middle?
Answer: yellow & black

Clue: Right next to me is an infantryman. What am I called?
Answer: Wounded Soldier

The scavenger hunt culminated with a party at the Museo de las Americas where the winning team was announced. Congratulations to Team Hellifino.

Meet Inna Dukach

Inna Dukach sings the role of Rosalba in Florencia en el Amazonas.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet Hector Vasquez

Hector Vasquez plays the role of Alvaro in Opera Colorado's upcoming production of Florencia en el Amazonas.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Meet Pamela Armstrong...

Please enjoy our first video introduction to leading lady Pamela Armstrong who sings the role of Florencia Grimaldi in Florencia en el Amazonas...